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Stock Market Strategies Course

Stock Market Strategies Course

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    Rs. 10,000
  • Course Duration: 15 Days (30 Hrs)
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The advance stock market strategy course is a well tailored commodity and a derivative market course that enables the learning of a robust trading methodology and provide foundation for understanding of how a derivative market and commodity functions. The course aims at providing knowledge about how commodity market operates and involves in trade. The course provides an outlay for the various practice that are connected to clearing, settlement, delivery of commodity and the various legal and regulatory frameworks that the commodity market is controlled by. The advance commodity strategy course is minted for every person, who want an exposure to the commodity and derivative market.


The course aims to provide the student with a simplify knowledge about the complexity related to commodity and derivative market. The course also enlightens the student about how to handle risk related to commodity market using hedging technique. Further, the course also covers the various trading and operating mechanism related to the commodity market. The course aims to cover the following topics related to commodity market; Commodity Derivatives: Meaning and Rationale, International Commodity Trading Exchanges, Commodity Futures in India and Its Regulation, Economic Benefits of Commodity Futures, About Commodities Traded on MCX, Exchange Market Operations: Trading Mechanism, Clearing and Settlement, Delivery Mechanism, Price Risk Management: Hedging Strategies Using Commodity Futures, Trading Strategies: Arbitrage and Spreads, Fundamental Analysis: Precious Metals/Energy Products, Introduction to Options and Option Strategies, Taxation and Accounting Matters in Commodities Market, and Demonstration of Trader’s Workstation.


The course is structured to provide knowledge about commodity and derivative market through exams and various questionnaires. People enrolling for the course will receive knowledge and experience on practical base from us. After successful completion of the course students will be allowed to attain various webinars conducted on Commodity and Derivative market. Further email query and online teacher support is also available to students in case they require any help related commodity and derivative market. Further students can also contact us through Facebook for 24*7 support.

Course NameCourse DurationCourse Fee
Complete Stock Market Course1 Month (60 Hrs)Rs 10,000
Advanced Technical Analysis Course1 Month (50 Hrs)Rs 20,000
Stock Market Strategies Course15 Days (30 Hrs)Rs 10,000