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Introduction The complete stock market course is a well tailored trading course enabling the learning of a robust trading methodology...
Introduction Technical Analysis and fundamental analysis course is a well tailored trading course enabling the learning of a robust trading...
Introduction The advance stock market strategy course is a well tailored commodity and a derivative market course that enables the learning...

Beyond Textbooks

Learn and Earn Academy provide you step by step art of learning, something which no textbook or video tutorial can teach you. At Learn and Earn Academy we believe life is the biggest teacher of all. Hence, instead of regular textbook class and online video education system and wasting time on boring lectures, we offer you hand on the application of the entire stock market, because at Learn and Earn Academy we believe the first-hand experience on the live market, is the best way to know about the stock market. 


Comprehensive Curriculum

Learn and Earn Academy believe in doing rather than saying. Hence, we bring to you curriculum that will enhance your practical skills. Our courses are well defined and in-depth structured after rigorously researched by our 20+ year experienced founder. Further, our courses will enhance your comprehensive learning step by step. We look forward to providing you with learning that will help you solve the various challenges of the trading world.


Teacher-Trainer Advantage

A successful trainer will give you more knowledge about the stock market than any teacher giving a boring theoretical lecture. At Learn and Earn Academy we always believe practical experience is way different than theoretical knowledge. Hence, to provide you practical knowledge that can enhance your trading skills, we provide you with a trainer, who has been one of the finest trader's of the stock market. Our trainer will give you practical insight and help you discover solutions to real life challenges, concerned with the trading market.


After Training Support

Learn and Earn Academy believe in building a relationship. We believe just by passing on knowledge to our students, our job is not over. Learn and Earn Academy provides you support even after your the course tenure is over. Learn and Earn Academy provides its student with support across Phone, email and social network 24*7, even after completion of the course. We also provide you access to various query and their solution webinars. Our live market training will not only help you solidify your setups, but also will enhance your knowledge to create flexible strategies in the real world of trading.                                                                                                                  



Batch Timings
7:00 am -9:00 am

Duration: 1 Month
Fee: 10,000/-


Batch Timings:
7:30 am - 9:30 am

Duration: 1 Month
Fee: 10,000/-


Batch Timings
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Duration: 1 Month
Fee: 10,000/-


Batch Timings
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Duration: 1 Month
Fee: 15,000/-

  • Special Day Trading Techniques with 90% success rate.
  • Practical training will be provided for Basic to Advanced level classes.
  • Previous knowledge on stock market is not required.
  • One to one training is provided and we give personal attention to each student
  • After course support is provided and you will be added in our WatsApp group.
  • We will take classes at your DOOR STEP and also online classes are available.
  • Daily (Monday to Friday) as well as Weekend batch is also available.
  • Easy to understand language and Telugu language batch is available.
  • We will arrange paper and virtual trading until you are expert in trading.
  • Course material is also provided on our course content.
  • Equity investment have the history of giving a return of almost 17%.
  • capital appreciates quickly over the long term.
  • You also get regular income through dividends.
  • Your returns will beat inflation and tax structure.
  • Shares are readily encashable investment unlike, say, investment in property.
  • Investments in shares are very easy to manage.
  • You don’t need a lot of money to start investment in shares
  • Most of India’s 50 million shareholders have investments ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000 in the stock market.
  • 1. Who can join Complete Stock Market Course?

    Our course is useful for beginners, Employees, Investor,Trader, Students,Housewives and also Retired people.

  • 2. What can I expect after completing your course?

    After completion of our Complete Stock Market course one can get in-depth knowledge about Equity, Commodity, Currency , Mutual Funds, Insurance  and basics of fundamental analyses  and is able to trade and invest in all these instrument independently without anybody’s help. The Best thing about our course is that we provide practical training with live market attachment on virtual and actual trading.

  • 3. What kind of support can I expect once I finish the training?

    Once you join our course you will be added into our WhatsApp and facebook groups and you will get lot of recommendations and strategies on stocks and also you will get IPO recommendations for every IPO in India.

  • 4. I have no experience in finance or stock markets. Can I attend this course?

    Of course you can join our course because the course is designed for the beginners to advanced level people and we will focus on ONE TO ONE training which is very advantage to students.

  • 5. Are you conducting any free Demo for the course regarding?

    Yes , we are conducting free Demo before starting of a new batch and  I feel that in this Demo one should get chance to learn so many things and get awareness on personal finance and stock markets.

  • Testimonial
    • Learn and Earn Academy not only trains you on how to read the market but also equips you with several of trading strategies that you can start applying into trading right away !!!  
      Vandrasi Pushpa
    • Everyone one can easily apply the strategies which are a part of the Course and hats off to Mr Ganesh sir who handled the course in such a way that everyone can easily acquainted with stock markets.
      Mallikarjuna Reddy
    • Hi my name is Pandu , I am new to the stock market, I am having absolutely zero knowledge on this, one day I came across Learn and Earn Academy and attended a  free Demo, there I got impressed by the way Ganesh sir taught. joined the Course and benefited a lot .
      A. Pandu Ranga Rao
    • It was really  an amazing platform from where  anyone can  start investing. The course was beautifully  designed  for all types of investors  from Beginner to Advanced level.
    • Nothing is interesting than learning about stock markets  in my mother tongue(Telugu).. Institute thought me financials in my way it's your turn now..
    • Learning  Stock market education in Telugu is really appreciable and I recommends this course to everyone.
      Anand Raj
    • Excellent  course , content and faculty are very good and I recommend everyone to add this course in your  life and definitely  your approach towards Stock Markets would be changed.
    • The methods of teaching are  everything about precision and perfection, Mr Ganesh Sir provides a sound platform to understand the concept of Stock Markets. This course is really helped me to find a correct path to Financial markets.
    • Ganesh Sir teaches from scratch to advanced strategies in investing, trading and on Financial instruments.These training sessions not only gives knowledge about Financial markets, it adds a new dimension in our life how an individual could grow Rich and successful financially in his life
      Md.Basha Shaik
    • Basically I am from Technology background  , but after completion of this course now I can easily understand stock market logics easily.
    • This  course is really a life changing course for everyone who is interested  to make money in Stock markets.
    • Answer for your growing expenses "Stock Market " or "Trade through Share market" learn and do it for hike in earnings or main source of income . Learn and Earn Academy
    • I have been in stock market for Long , learn and Earn Academy has changed the way I used to look at Stock market and helped me to understand how stock markets works as a whole and I think this  course is helpful to all who are willing to earn money from Stock Markets.
    • If you want to see, how money works for you , then Join Learn and Earn Academy. its really a  Beginners Guide to Stock Market Investing Institution in Hyderabad.
      Vijay Kumar
    • The training program was eye opening and very well taught by Mr. Ganesh.  Trading in the stock market is not a easy task, but the rewards can be very profitable once the risk is known. Overall I experienced an atmosphere conducive to learning and effective methods.
    • Stock market Education in Hyderabad and that to in my own Telugu Language is really helped me a lot and I feel this Course is really rocking and the Institute is getting more and more success in near future .
    • Dear friends without any doubt you might join this course and I promise you after completion of this course you will differentiate  your life before joining the course and after joining the course.....!
    • Join this course and all your doubts about Stock Markets will be clarified and its really helpful through out your life.
    • Keep up the great work towards Financial Markets , your classes are always very insightful
      Venudhar Reddy
    • I am sure through Learn and Earn Academy  hundreds of New Investors will come to Stock Markets with a positive outlook
    • One of the turning points in my Investing career is join Learn & Earn Academy.
    • I really appreciate the teaching style of Ganesh sir , This course helped me a lot and now I am able to trade with my own analysis.
      Nageshwar Rao
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