The complete stock market course is a well tailored trading course enabling the learning of a robust trading methodology and provide foundation for understanding of how a stock market functions. The Complete stock market course focuses on indepth analysis of the usage of various tools, techniques and complete understanding about the functioning of the stock market. The course focuses on simplifying knowledge about various financial instruments like Equities, Currencies, Mutual funds, IPO’s and Derivatives. This course is a perfect blend of various analysis which will help you understand and choose the right stock and provide a practical understanding about the correct entry and exit timing and indepth learning about prices of stock by viewing charts. This course will provide you with proper guidance so that you may take the right decision regarding investment.


The motive of the course is to provide the learner with theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding about the stock market. So that a student may have an academic base on the stock market, and can also use and apply the same in practical field for the creation of wealth. The course helps you to analyse stocks and the correct time of entry and exit of the stock. The course also helps you understand why and how market move, determine risk related to stock investment and trade. So that you may select the perfect trading style that suites your need and help you fulfil your goals. The complete stock market course aims at covering the following topics; Capital Market Structure, Risks & Rewards of Equity Investing, Mutual Funds, Currency Markets, Portfolio Management, Macro Economic Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis and Derivative Market Strategies.


Student enrolling for the course will receive a certificate from the NSE academy facilitate by Learn and Earn academy. A query section will be provided to the students regarding any doubts that a student has regarding the course, with complete support from online teachers. The couse provide mock test after every session to its students during the period of course, so that they can learn better and understand the topic in a more simplier and systematic manner.