National institute of security market established by SEBI is public trust company to enrich people with knowledge about security market. The NISM Currency Derivative Certification Exam aims to build an in depth knowledge for persons working in the currency derivative segment giving a complete understanding of currency markets, exchange traded currency derivative products, operational process efficiency and risk controls.


The purpose of the course is to provide the student a thorough knowledge about currency market, Exchange Traded Currency Derivative Markets, and the regulatory environments under which these instruments functions in India. The course will provide a clean overview of theoretical and practical knowledge about the currency market to the students. The course objective covers the following topics in the method of learning; Currency basics, History of Currency, Major Currency Pairs, Economic Indicators, Basics of Derivatives, Types of Derivatives, Market Players, Future Terminologies, Advantages of Exchange-Traded Currency Futures, Interest rate Parity, Contract Specifications, Entities in Trading System, Types of Orders, Circuit Filters, Clearing and Settlement Procedure, Position Limits, Risk Management Measures, Margin Requirements, Basics of Options, Option Geeks, Long Call,Short Call,Long Put & Short Put, Option Payoffs, Combination Strategies, Clearing settlement & risk management, Basics of Accounting and Taxation, Names of Account, Accounting entries, Taxation, Regulatory Framework for exchange, Regulatory framework for clearing corproation, Eligibility Criteria, Who cannot become a member?, Code of Conduct for Brokers, Code of Conduct for sub-brokers and Adherence to code of conduct. Completion of the above topics during period of the course will provide sound knowledge to the student about currency derivative market.


This course will get a student completely ready for a NISM certification examination. By availing this course students will have access to various videos important doucments that they will require for the preparation of the NISM examination. Further, Learn and earn academy also provide students with email and tutorial support for this course, so that they can prepare more systematically and effiecently for their examination. We also provide mock test after every session to help the student understand the course in a more simple manner.