The Certified financial planner course is an online study designed to create knowledge about knowledge about tool, functioning and in depth understanding about capital market. The course emphasis on simplifying the various elements like Currency, Equity, Derivatives, Mutual funds, and IPO’s. The course enable you to handle and create an unique outlay for yourself, your customers with the outlook of investing in the stock market.


The course will help you understand the financial market in and out with complate overview on the various technical, fundamental and financial analysis about the stock market. Our financial planner course is aimed to give you a clear understanding of how to create an outlay before investing and also helps you self analyse and complete self research about stock market. This course will help you critically analyse real time exercise of various formatives and informatives that is related to the stock market. Further, the course helps you as a guide to go through with trading, investing and portfolio management.


The completion of the financial planner course will open up various opportunity for you in the world of financial market. After the completion of the certification process you can actually work as trainer, teacher, even market agent to help people learn about stock market, and invest their money systematically in a sound manner. You will also be entitled to organise work shops and create various outlays for people who want to know about stock market or want to invest in the stock market. With our Certified financial planner course, you will open yourself up to a number of opportunities related to financial market. Our financial planner course will provide you with knowledge, career growth, and open up more routes of income for you.